About Me

The Story of Odett Popovici

My story starts when I was 14 years old, in Bucharest, Romania.

I had been using my grandfathers Pentax camera, as well as destroying rolls of film while attempting to understand how cameras worked. Then I moved on to destroying the house, so I can learn how to develop the film. That was the beginning….

Its been 16 years since then, and I know now that what I was actually learning is how to capture stories. I love people and I love the stories they hold. I want to tell those stories in a way that will be timeless. The moment when my shutter clicks, that moment is forever.

I have been travelling, growing old and moving around for the last 20 years. But what has been constant is the sense of happiness I get when I capture the world through my lens.

Now I am based in the land of tea and scones (United Kingdom). But if there is a destination where I can capture a story, I would love to help create memories.

So if you like what you have seen on my website and feel like I can tell your story, don’t hesitate to contact me.